Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Morning Hot Links

*The Astros beat the Mariners 8-1 on the back of Carlos Gomez's grand slam yesterday. The Rangers beat the Cubs.  The Angels beat the White Sox, and the Blue Jays beat the A's. The Ramgers division lead remains at 4.5, while the Astros are back to four up on the Mariners. The Astros are two behind the Red Sox for WC1 and one behind the Blue Jays for WC2.

FanGraphs has the Astros at 40.3% to win the division (Oak Cliff is at 54.6%) and 63.3% to make the playoffs.

*Lima Time Time: Episode 18 with special guest Nick Mundy is up now.

*Collin McHugh Houdini'd his way through six scoreless innings.

*Jose Altuve recorded his 5th 4-hit game of the season, and he got 36 votes from 74 players asked who could break Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hit streak, which ended 75 years ago yesterday.

*Hinch said he never really felt comfortable during yesterday's 8-1 win.

*Jon Heyman hasn't heard a target date for Alex Bregman's call-up, but it isn't going to be this series at Oakland. Austin is gearing up for four games with Fresno starting in Round Rock tonight.

*Yulieski Gurriel will be a free agent at the end of his essentially 4 1/2-year contract.

*2016 2nd Round pick Ronnie Dawson went 2x2 with 2HR/5RBI and two walks yesterday.

*Six hours and 31 minutes after first pitch the Greeneville Astros walked it off against Bluefield in the bottom of the 20th inning.

*The Cardinals' Chris Correa may be looking at three years in prison. Sentencing is today at 1:30pm.

*Barring an "overwhleming" offer, Chris Archer is not available.

*The new CBA negotiations could include a return to the 154-game season.