Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Morning Hot Links

The Astros lost to the Mariners 1-0. They are now 64-7 when allowing one run since 2012. This game was dumb and shows what a faithless whore Base Ball can be.

*McCullers was sharp, but for one pitch to Robinson Cano. McCullers:
I threw the fastball by him. I've been throwing him a lot of curveballs the last couple of games and I felt good throwing a fastball right there. Got the groundball I wanted - just a little bit too far to Carlos' right. 

(Cano) is getting paid $30 million a year to do that. Sometimes, you make a good pitch and the hitter finds a way.

*Altuve fu messed up, and he knew it, by trying to bunt in the 9th. With Marwin leading off with a double, Altuve bunted for no good reason:
I forgot I was hitting third in that situation. I was thinking about, 'We need that run.'

*For the first time at Triple-A, Alex Bregman went hitless.

*But don't worry! One of John Perrotto's Astros' sources says the Astros aren't trading Bregman. Said source:
We're not trading him. We look at him as a big part of our future.

One NL scout told Perrotto, on Gurriel:
He's not as good as he was when he was in the prime of his career but he can still be an above-average player. I think he'll help the Astros.

*Read about my thoughts on the Astros signing Yulieski Gurriel. Or don't. It's okay either way.

*Luhnow says Gurriel's signing won't prevent the Astros from trying to better the team.

*The Astros are excited about Gurriel's impending arrival. Correa:
A lot of Latin guys on this team and I think he'll get along pretty well with us. Obviously he brings a lot to the table so I'm really excited to have him here and contribute to the team.

*The Ramgers are trolling the Rays for a starter and a reliever. By God if they get Archer or Moore and Boxberger then we'll [redacted].

*Gerry Fraley: The Rangers look like a good team going bad.

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