2023 MLB Draft

 Houston's Bonus Pool Allotment: $6,747,900

Total Pool Used: $6,934,500
Total Pool Remaining: -$186,600
Total Pool Remaining Without Losing A Pick: $150,795
Total Bonus +/- Slot Value: +$201,000
Deadline to sign picks: July 25.

*There are no slot values for Rounds 11-20.
*Any bonus over $150,000 in Rounds 11-20 counts against your bonus pool.
*Going over by 0.1-5% results in a 75% tax on the overage. 
*Going over by 5-10% results in the loss of a future 1st Round pick and a 75% tax on the overage. *Going over by 10-15% results in the loss of a 1st & 2nd Round pick and a 100% tax on the overage. *Going over by 15+ results in the loss of two first round picks and a 100% tax on the overage.

Last Updated: 12:18pm, 7/19/23

Huge shoutout to @ItsDTrain and @AstrosFuture

PickPick ValuePlayerLatest NewsSigned For+/- Value
1-28$2,880,700Brice Matthews7/15: Signed$2,478,200-$402,500
2-68$1,304,900Alonzo Tredwell7/18: Signed$1,497,500$192,600
3-99$678.500Jake Bloss7/15: Signed$497,500-$181,000
4-131$497,600Cam Fisher7/18: Signed$500,000$2,400
5-164$360,800Chase Jaworsky7/17: Signed$850,000$489,200
6-194$280,700Ethan Pecko7/15: Signed$247,500-$33,200
7-224$221,300Joey Dixon7/15: Signed$218,800-$2,500
8-254$186,500Ryan Johnson7/15: Signed$97,500-$89,000
9-284$172,500Jeron Williams7/15: Signed$147,500-$25,000
10-314$164,400Austin Deming7/15: Signed$$
Nehomar Ochoa7/15: Signed$300,000$150,000
Anthony Huezo7/17: Signed$400,000$250,000
13-404James Hicks7/15: Signed$150,000
Jackson Nezuh7/15: Signed$150,000
Garret Guillemette7/18: Signed$
16-494Will Bush7/18: Signed$
17-524Colby Langford7/15: Signed$
Derek True7/18: Signed$
Andrew DuncanFlorida St. Commit$
20-614Pascanel Ferraras7/18: Signed$