Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Year in Astros County

Let's do a little self-indulgent run-down of Astros County's 2013, shall we?


The Batguy offered up his Astros Top Ten prospects
The Constable and (Not Hank) Aaron tore up the BBWAA
(Not Hank) Aaron was excited, sort of, about Erik Bedard
We looked back at Jeff Bagwell and the Insurance Fiasco of 2006


We looked at the Jed Lowrie trade (and took on Ken Rosenthal)
The Batguy wrote the Parable of the Bar Chicks
(Not Hank) Aaron wondered if the 2013 Astros would strike out a lot
How I Learned to Buy Into the Rebuild


(Not Hank) Aaron thought about signing Kyle Lohse
And then he squared up on Peter Gammons
We yelled at Scott Boras and Buster Olney
We defended the Piggyback System
We gave you an Opening Night Bingo Card


We thought about Yu Darvish's almost-perfect game
We offered a Bounty for Astros' minor-leaguers


(Not Hank) Aaron wondered how many strikeouts were too many for Chris Carter
We looked back at the 15th anniversary of the Kerry Wood 20K game
(Not Hank) Aaron had it with Houston, You Have A Problem
We offered Jose Altuve an extension worth approximately $28m more than he got.
We criticized the Astros for their HAWC decision, and then criticized the reaction to the criticism
A Girl In The South was impressed by Reid Ryan
We asked if Bud Norris was really J.A. Happ


We used one box score to highlight just how the Astros overhauled the team
We yelled at the New York Times


We asked what happened to Jose Altuve
(Not Hank) Aaron looked at how we evaluate trades
(Not Hank) Aaron was first with the Worst Bullpen Ever question
The Batguy wrote about the Rebuild


We asked what happened to Lucas Harrell
We tag-teamed an update on the Worst Bullpen Ever
We yelled at SportsCenter
We made a case for keeping Springer at OKC
We made fun of Travis Blackley
Kevin Bass Stache found Kyle Weiland!
The Front Office as Wu-Tang Clan
A Girl In The South looked at the bullpen


We mocked USA Today
Ah, the buttslide
(Not Hank) Aaron looked at Jason Castro's season
LJ Hoes called a guy a "Slapdick"
We yelled at Olney, Gammons, Stark, basically everybody
We dubbed 2011-2013 as the Crynasty


2013 in 162 words


We offered you a 156-page compendium to celebrate our 5th anniversary
(Not Hank) Aaron's Hall of Fame preview
We yelled at the Houston Chapter of the BBWAA


(Not Hank) Aaron compared Bagwell and Frank Thomas
We asked non-Astros fans for their thoughts on the Astros