Monday, May 13, 2013

I've just about had it

There's not an easy way to consider the fact that maybe your favorite team (or at least the wives of your favorite team's players) is awful. And I don't mean "awful" in the sense of a win-loss record.

The Houston Area Women's Center provides shelter, counseling, and advocacy to support individuals affected by domestic and sexual violence pick up and try to move on with their lives. Through community awareness and education they work to end domestic and sexual violence.

And tonight, the Astros Wives Organization (which now officially apparently does not exist) took $250,000 away from them by canceling the annual Black Ties and Baseball Caps gala which would have been in its 24th year of benefiting HAWC.

According to an Astros official:
The team's charitable foundation is changing directions and will focus on at-risk youth and youth baseball programs.

Now, there are things we do not yet know: What kind of programs for at-risk youth will the Astros' charitable foundation be supporting instead? But that's not even the right question. The right question is: If the Astros' charitable foundation is changing directions, and as lucrative as a baseball franchise is (especially one with a $25m-ish payroll) why can't they support both?

If ever a team needed some good PR, it's the Astros. Pulling support for a Women's Center is not just bad PR, it's bad humanity. We can wait for more answers, I guess. But what's the point? An Astros official gave a statement and that's that, for now.

The HAWC has been around since 1977. The Astros "charitable organization" has supported them since 1989. But not, apparently, anymore. HAWC CEO Rebecca White:
I don't know if we will cut anything because we can't. We have to serve the people who come to our doors. The alternatives are too horrible to imagine.

So be better than the now-defunct Astros Wives Organization. Donate to HAWC. Losing 110 games doesn't make me ashamed to be an Astros fan. But this does.


Anonymous said...

How many of these young guys even have wives?

Peg. Alderman said...

There may not be many player who have wives at this point in time, but I'll go out on a limb and say there are probably a lot of wives,girlfriends,partners,significant others, friends,and female employees( and this is assuming men aren't allowed to help) ..... in the Astros organization who would be thrilled to step help organize this event.And by Astros , I mean management, office staff, ticket sales, food and beverage staff, maintenance staff, security staff, ....oh and don't forget advertising, media and publicity staff. Did they even give these people's chance to help?....I'm not sure I'm buying the " not enough of our players are married" sad.

Anonymous said...

While not at all unsympathetic to the HAWC, this kind of shift in giving practices by business, foundation or individual donors happens all the time. It's a fact of life in the non-profit world.

If anything, as an Astros fan, this announcement again shows that the marketing and PR staff in place at Union Station is utterly and completely inept. There is no reason whatsoever this announcement should have caused such uproar among the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that they don't consider the children of abuse victims "at risk"-they know HAWC helps mothers too, right?
All it takes are a few wives to head it-Castro, Wright, Corporan are a few I know are definitely married. Guys like Norris have long-term GFs/fiancées. They have enough WAGs to make it work. Does anyone really think Jennifer Everett, Christie Ensberg, Michelle Quintero, Mary Catherine Melancon, etc did everything themselves?

Anonymous said...

Don't you people see the Astros are going to move out of Houston. Crane watched Major League and is following it to the letter. Crappy team means no money. No money means MLB not happy. Move to new city Approved.

Anonymous said...

I'd welcome that.

Oilers for Texans?

I think we came out ahead.

Anonymous said...

I am SO angry about this I could SPIT. HAWC has been supported be donations ONLY for many, many years. I donate ALL of my clothes to this organization, and to "The Door" in Conroe, Texas. These women's shelters are FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST *WOMEN*! These young mothers often come to the shelter, with only the clothes on their back, and their children with them. I am just SO DAMNED ANGRY....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Becky

Anonymous said...

According to the CEO of HAWC, the donations from the Wives Gala last year was only about 3% of their total budget. People are freaking out like this whole charity is going to fold and no longer exist. At this point, it seems like people are just looking for an excuse to pile on and bash the Astros some more.

I completely agree with the comment above, tho. This negative reaction from everyone shows just how clueless and incompetent the Astros PR staff must be.


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