Wednesday, September 4, 2013

USA Today is completely full of crap

Somehow, the Red Sox' Xander Bogaerts won USA Today's Minor League Player of the Year award.

The fast climb to the majors, his standout season and obvious tools made Bogaerts' the logical choice as USA TODAY Sports' Minor League Player of the Year, following 2012 winner Wil Myers and 2011 honoree Paul Goldschmidt.

This is odd. Because when they held the online voting (of which fans were apparently 2/3 of the vote), Archie Bradley won handily over Springer. So, because it's USA Today, we created a little infographic to help them realize the error of their ways.

Springer title=

Now, please keep in mind that this is not intended as a slam against Bogaerts - he had a very good season at Age 20 and earned a call-up to the Red Sox because that franchise is in a different place (1st) than Houston.

This is, however, intended as a slam against USA Today, since they are silly. Bogaerts did well, and is young. That's the only possible reason in which Bogaerts would win MiLB player of the year over George Springer, who is having a historic minor-league season.