Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Baseball America's Best Tools

Baseball America posted their Best Tools List, as voted on by the respective league managers. Here's how it shakes out in relation to Houston:

Pacific Coast League

Best Defensive Shortstop: Jonathan Villar
Best Infield Arm: Jonathan Villar
Most Exciting Player: George Springer

Texas League

Best Batting Prospect: George Springer
Best Power Prospect: George Springer
Best Pitching Prospect: Mike Foltynewicz
Best Fastball: Mike Foltynewicz
Best Breaking Pitch: Mike Foltynewicz
Best Control: David Martinez
Best Defensive Catcher: Rene Garcia
Best Defensive 3B: Jonathan Meyer
Best Infield Arm: Jonathan Meyer
Best Defensive OF: George Springer
Most Exciting Player: George Springer

California League

Best Strike Zone Judgment: Nolan Fontana

Midwest League

Best Breaking Pitch: Lance McCullers
Best Defensive SS: Carlos Correa
Best Infield Arm: Carlos Correa