Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Astros might go to six-man rotation

Jeff Luhnow said before last night's win against Boston that the Astros may end up going to a six-man rotation in order to keep innings down for the youngsters.

Here are the IPs for the pitchers, compared to 2012:

Jarred Cosart, 2013: 121
Jarred Cosart, 2012: 114.2

Jordan Lyles, 2013: 119
Jordan Lyles, 2012: 182
Brett Oberholtzer, 2013: 101.2
Brett Oberholtzer, 2012: 166.2

Brad Peacock, 2013: 115
Brad Peacock, 2012: 134.2

Dallas Keuchel, 2013: 110.2
Dallas Keuchel, 2012: 177.2

I don't care about Erik Bedard's IPs, but right now Cosart is the only pitcher over his IPs from 2012. Of course, there are 50 games left, so these margins will narrow as we get closer to the merciful end of the season.