Sunday, November 1, 2020

Sunday Morning Hot Links

Let's pick this Blog thing back up, huh?

*Last week I wrote in the Chronicle about how the Astros could possibly hold on to both George Springer and Carlos Correa. One step was to non-tender Roberto Osuna, which happened on Thursday, and Osuna will depart with a complicated legacy.

On one hand, Osuna was reportedly nothing but a model teammate and citizen in his time as an Astro. He did not ask to be traded to Houston. However, the Astros did trade for Roberto Osuna, knowing that his value was depressed due to a 75-game suspension for domestic violence. In one trade, the Astros burned up a lot of goodwill, and it directly led to the Brandon Taubman "I'm so f***ing glad we got Osuna" outburst which, when combined with the Mike Fiers story, was the impetus for the hammer absolutely being brought down on the organization. He posted a 2.45 ERA / 0.87 WHIP and saved 51 games in 2+ seasons with the Astros. His ERA is the 10th-lowest in franchise history among relievers who threw at least 90IP. I'm not sad he's gone.

*George Springer is #2 on FanGraphs' Top 50 Free Agents list. While I do think the Astros will make a competitive run at Springer, I still remain unconvinced that he doesn't want to be closer to home (Connecticut). I'm mentally preparing myself for Springer hitting bombs over the Green Monster for the next six years, which means that the Astros better have Correa's agent on the phone figuring out a long-term extension. Michael Brantley is 12th. 

*The Astros cleared five spots on their 40-Man Roster, and here are Jake Kaplan's intriguing picks to protect from the Rule 5 Draft.

*AJ Hinch was such a toxic personality in the wake of the sign-stealing scheme that the Detroit Tigers waited an entire 30 minutes after 2020 World Series Game 6 ended to give him a call, and he has signed a multi-year deal to manage the Tigers. The Astros will play the Tigers at Minute Maid Park - presuming the world hasn't gone all the way to hell by then - from April 12-14, 2021.

And in another show of just How Seriously MLB is Taking The Punishments Of Those Involved, the Red Sox have reached out to Alex Cora about their managerial vacancy.

The How We Got Here post has been updated.

*The Astros cut some front office staff, which included Friend of Astros County Kevin Goldstein, and I'm very Mad about it. Jiminy Clicket isn't off to a great start, with me.

*Pocket: Blood-curdling stories of hauntings, monsters, and real-life horrors.

*Vox: Who the Electoral College really benefits.

*McSweeney's: An open letter to the woman who was questioned by a police officer for merely sitting in her car in a Target parking lot after midnight taking a break from her family.

*A Musical Selection: