Thursday, November 5, 2020

Friday Morning Hot Links

This post (for November 6) marks the 12th anniversary of the cursed web site Astros County dot com. At first it was Astros County dot Blogspot dot com. At one point not long after my wife told me I could either keep my PlayStation 2 or do...this. I chose...this. And there are days where I think, "Man, I had Vandy built into a superpower on NCAA College Football 2009, and I traded it for...this."

Fact is, there are a number of you who read this blog who I consider true, real-life friends. And I have had the opportunity to do things and talk to people that I never would have imagined because of this here blog. I know I have my flaws, but I also know that you abide by them as I try to do whatever it is that I'm doing better. Earlier this summer I was in a really bad place mentally, and a whole bunch of you reached out to check in and encourage and support me, and I'll never forget that. 

So, I'll pick this back up Saturday morning. But I genuinely thank you for the last 12 years. Here's to however many more before I just sort of decide not to do it anymore. 

*A Musical Selection: