Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday Morning Hot Links

The Astros - and pretty much everybody else - are running around the sprawling hellscape that is the Opryland Hotel as the Winter Meetings officially open.

*Evan Drellich writes that the Astros' payroll doesn't measure up to Houston's market size.

*Drellich, who has been busy!, writes about Lance McCullers and Aroldis Chapman.

*Cincinnati execs are confident they'll move Chapman this week.

*In ESPN's Winter Meetings preview, David Schoenfield predicts that the Astros will land both Aroldis Chapman and Chris Davis, which would then allow the Astros to "trade prospect A.J. Reed for a young, controllable starting pitcher." /apoplexy

*When the A's played the Astros in September, A's players recruited Scott Kazmir to come back to Oakland this offseason.

*Tyler Kepner writes about Billy Wagner's HOF credentials.


Wallee Wright said...

Drellich overlooks the size of the revenue sharing bundle that was given the Arizona Diamondbacks this year - $80 million! Add that number to the $70-$80 million from the new Diamondback TV contract and Evan's comparison of the Astros and DBacks starts looking more like a pile of that steamy, stinky stuff.

Michael Carder said...

Market size be damned. It's foolish to spend $206 million on any player. With a slight bias, I'd consider giving that Correa. Maybe. But NOT A pitcher. The bill is coming; the young kids we all love will be expensive and they'll be expensive real soon..

ntxlfty said...

This out there right now. I don't know if it's true, but whatever.

ntxlfty said...

No word yet on the prospects traded. Heyman says its not Seeger, Urias, or Deleon.

ntxlfty said...

Please delete those two comments. It's old info. I thought it was new.
I feel like an idiot.

hooksfan said...

Looks like the Chapman trade is on hold because of a gun incident that happened in October. The Red Sox were in the mix earlier until a background check brought that info up. The Reds President of baseball operations stated “We’ve talked to several clubs. I notified all of them tonight that we’d step back a couple of weeks or whatever it takes.”

Bru said...

"Sprawling hellscape" only begins to describe it. Don't forget that it's decorated for Christmas right now. We made that mistake on an early visit to see my brother early in his college days.