Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Morning Spring Training Update

Here's what you'll need to know as you start your first full week with actual baseball activities in 52 years*

(* - approximately)

*Interesting story out of Chicago, as apparently-former-Astro Jesse Crain made it to White Sox camp and had some things to say about his upcoming season:
(The previous relationship) was a huge part of why I came back here. I'm going to come in here and go at the pace we need to go at, whatever that might be...They are going to take care of me and make sure I'm right. They aren't going to rush me to get out there. In that sense, it was a perfect fit.

Now whether he's just highlighting how sweet the White Sox are or making a comparison between the White Sox and Astros, we of course do not know. But given that the Astros gave Crain over $3m to not throw a single pitch, I can see how they'd be a little anxious about Crain's distinct lack of, you know, pitching.

*Evan Drellich has a big ol' notebook for everyone. Of particular import: Chris Carter will see more time at 1B and Evan Gattis will start the spring in LF, while Jonathan Villar is going to focus on playing 2B/3B to be more of a utility player.

*Jason Castro is working on putting all aspects of his game together.

*And Castro talked about catching Pat Neshek.

*A.J. Hinch is big on having an open door, as well as communicating - a groundbreaking strategy in any business. No one has ever in the history of baseball considered these ideas in regards to management.

*Roger Clemens stopped by camp and talked to the, and also said that there's "just as much talent here as there is in" Kansas City. So...

*Mike Foltynewicz talked about 2015 with the Braves.