Friday, January 28, 2011

Keith Law's Top 10 Astros prospects

Continuing Keith Law Day, he posted his (Insider-Only, natch) Astros top ten prospects:

1. Jordan Lyles, RHP
2. Delino DeShields, Jr., CF
3. Ariel Ovando, OF
4. Austin Wates, OF
5. Tanner Bushue, RHP
6. Jiovanni Mier, SS
7. Telvin Nash, LF
8. Jonathan Villar, SS
9. Vincent Velasquez, RHP
10. J.D. Martinez, RHP



Snake Diggity said...

Really shocking that foltynewicz isn't on there.

Peanut said...

He mentions in the comments that he heard bad reports on Foltynewicz's stuff and body language in Greeneville. I don't know where he heard them, but those concerns haven't been mentioned anywhere else. BA was pretty high on Folty in their own rankings, not that the lists make a lick of difference. We'll see how he looks next year.

Patrick said...

Would Folty be doing a 10-question segment with if he typically displays bad body language? I don't think so. In all seriousness, as much as i don't have too much respect for Law i'm glad to see Nash make a Top 10. His stock could soar this season if he picks up where he left off last season

James said...

Why is Martinez listed as a RHP and not an OF on this list? Has something changed that I am unaware of?