Sunday, January 30, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Some Fans, Especially Those Interviewed By A Metroplex Newspaper, Are Rangers Fans

The Fort Worth Star Telegram has an article about how, surprise! people who came to the Rangers Caravan dates are...wait for it, Rangers fans!

One Palmeiro jersey-sporting fan in Selma:
"I've been a huge Rangers fan, but the Rangers never came down here. I told those guys they've got to start coming down here more often. The Houston Astros have always controlled this area, but there are lots of Rangers fans down here."

An Austin resident:
"I'm tickled the Rangers have taken over the Round Rock Express. It's going to be a better situation because it's going to be a better brand of baseball for Round Rock fans to enjoy. I'm interested in tickets because Nolan Ryan is involved and he believes in the quality of the organization."

One C.J. Wilson jersey-sporting fan in San Antonio:
"I go to a game every year. We try and make it a tradition. I'm a Rangers fan and a Rangers fan only. You can't be an Aggies fan and a Longhorns fan. You have to stick with one team. The Rangers are my team, and I'll do what I can to see them. Look what they've accomplished."

Holy Hannah! Fans interviewed by a Metroplex newspaper at the Rangers Caravan stops are Rangers fans? CRAZY! LOOK AT HOW FAR YOU'VE COME, RANGERS! GOOD GOD! YOUR SUCCESS CAN'T BE MATCHED, AND CERTAINLY NOT EXCEEDED BY THE ASTROS! WHAT AN UNPREDICTABLE TURN OF EVENTS! A CORNUCOPIA OF SUCCESS THAT COULD NOT BE PREDICTED, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU FORGET HOW THEY JUST WENT TO THE WORLD SERIES! No, that would be preposterous. Dyed in the wool, those Hill Country Rangers fans. They've suffered enough, bless their hearts.