Thursday, June 10, 2010

Astros sign a literal ton of players

MLB's Official Draft Twitter account reports that the Astros have signed the following players:

4th Round pick Bobby Doran, for $237,700
8th Round pick Jake Buchanan
9th Round pick Tommy Shirley
11th Round pick Kyle Redinger
12th Round pick Andrew Robinson
16th Round pick Chris "Biggie" Wallace
26th Round pick Alex Sogard
34th Round pick Ryan Cole
41st Round pick Bryce Lane

So that's six college pitchers, a college catcher, a college outfielder, and a high school 3B (Kyle Redinger).


Joe said...

No huge surprises but VERY AWESOME to hear.

Anonymous said...

Chris Wallace has never heard the nickname "Biggie" being associated with him.

The name that Coach's, Players and Fans use is "Wally".

The Constable. said...

@Anonymous - It's the whole Christopher Wallace, aka "Notorious B.I.G." thing. I'll get over it, I swear. I'll remove it, unless we can get a movement going to actually re-nickname him "Biggie."

AstroBrit said...

it seems clear by the amount of signings that the Astros wanted a deep, deep, draft.

Which is why they probably didn't pick a power bat early on: too scared they would have to commit too much of the budget to one player.

OremLK said...

Josh Sale (probably the best power bat besides Harper) would have signed for slot or under slot based on reports prior to and just after the draft.