Saturday, September 9, 2023

Saturday Morning Hot Links

The Homestros struck again. After almost literally destroying the Rangers' will earlier in the week, the Astros reminded the fans to not get too excited. I'd like them to figure it out. Houston is 80-62 in 2023 - 35-35 at home. More on that in a minute. The Mariners and Rangers also lost. Toronto won.

*AL Playoff Picture:

1. Baltimore (89-51)

2. Houston (80-62)

3. Minnesota (74-67)

4. Tampa (86-56)

5. Seattle (79-62)

6. Toronto (78-63)


7. Balch Springs (76-64): +1.5

*AL West Odds (and Change from Yesterday)


Houston: 62.7% (+0.5%)

Seattle: 34.0% (-0.6%)

Balch Springs: 3.3% (+0.1%)


Houston: 62.2%

Seattle: 32.0%

Balch Springs: 5.8%

NL Wild Card Update:

1. Philadelphia (77-63): +4.0

2. Chicago (76-66): +2.0

3. Arizona (74-68): -

4. Miami (73-68): -0.5

5. Cincinnati (73-70): -1.5

6. San Francisco (71-70): -2.5

The Game

Blake Snell:

I know how good they are and I know how I've done against them in the past and I knew what I needed to do today. Definitely happy with how I pitched today.

Houston at home, All-Star Break to August 13: 7-4

August 14-since, Houston, at Minue Maid Park: 2-9. 

Houston has lost six straight games at home. Last 11 games at home:

Yainer Diaz: .395/.409/.698

Alex Bregman: .333/.429/.500

Mauricio Dubon: .321/.345/.536

Yordan Alvarez: .296/.474/.296

Jeremy Pena: .282/.333/.410

Jose Altuve: .237/.275/.263

Chas McCormick: .222/.243/.389

Jose Abreu: .167/.250/.444

Martin Maldonado: .160/.160/.320

Kyle Tucker: .156/.194/.281

Yordan, Altuve, and Tucker have combined for three extra-base hits in their last 11 home games. 

*Houston Astros, Away, 2023: .268/.339/.462, 118 home runs.

Houston Astros, Home, 2023: .251/.325/.407, 78 home runs.

*Astros home runs at Balch Springs, September 4-6, 2023: 16

Astros home runs at Minute Maid, August 1-present: 16

*Chandler Rome: What's up with the home record? The batter's eye may be to blame.

*Kyle Tucker was 0x4. Since his 3HR game on July 21, Tucker: .253/.359/.474. He has one home run in his last 73 PAs, last night was his 10th straight game without a home run, and six straight without an extra-base hit. 

*Hunter Brown: 4.1IP, 6H/6ER, 5K:2BB. Outs recorded, starts, 2023:

6: 1

8: 1

9: 1

12: 2

13: 3

14: 3

15: 1

16: 1

17: 2

18: 7

21: 5

So that's 12 starts of 15 outs or fewer (and each of his last five starts) and 15 starts of 16 outs or more. Maldonado:

I think he threw a couple good innings. I feel like maybe he was rushing a little bit with men on base, trying to be quicker to the plate. I feel like that's when he lost kind of the strike zone. A couple unlucky hits that they got, especially in the second inning.

Expected Batting Average, base hits, Padres, 2nd Inning:

Machado: .600 (109.1mph single)

Campusano: .960 (91.2mph single)

Grisham: .460 (61.5mph single)

Kim: .170 (79.5mph single)


Obviously, it's really frustrating. I thought I made some good pitches there...To Grisham, I thought I made a pretty good pitch. It was probably two inches away from falling in Pena's glove. I think all that kind of stuff compounded and they were able to put four runs up.

Other Stuff

*[A locker room office]

DUSTY BAKER: Chas! McCormick! Get your ass in here.

CHAS MCCORMICK: [trots in on the hop] Yeah, skip?

BAKER: If anyone asks, I never said you're fat.


BAKER: God dang it, kid, I said [stubs out cigar] if anyone asks any questions regarding your weight, it didn't come from me.

MCCORMICK: But you're the first one to even bring this up?


MCCORMICK: [backs out, confused. He slowly turns toward the door]

BAKER: [under his breath] fatass. 

MCCORMICK: [spins around] what?!


*Here's a good article from The Athletic's Cody Stavenhagen, who spent a series embedded with the Mariners. Also: George Kirby is a PAB.

*Adolis Garcia has a strained patellar tendon, and may be out for the season. He's hitting .244/.322/.494 with 34HR/100RBI for the Rangers.

What To Read, September 9

*More than 1,000 people have been killed after an earthquake in Morocco.

*Marcelo Bielsa is making it easy again in Uruguay.

*"Stop Making Sense" is back.

*Texas Monthly: My brief career as a paid pro-Paxton propagandist.

*Ben Kweller is playing through the pain.

What To Watch, September 9

England @ Ukraine: 11am Central

Utah @ Baylor: 11am 

Nebraska @ Colorado: 11am (Fox)

Diamondbacks @ Cubs: 1:20pm 

Texas A&M @ Miami

Mariners @ Rays: 3:05pm

USMNT vs Uzbekistan: 4:30pm (TNT)

SMU @ OU: 5pm

Marlins @ Phillies: 5:05pm

Cardinals @ Reds: 5:40pm

Texas @ Alabama: 6pm

Houston @ Rice: 6pm (NFL Network)

A's @ Rangers: 6:05pm

Padres @ Astros: 6:10pm

*A Musical Selection: