Saturday, February 2, 2019

Saturday Morning Hot Links

Good morning. Pitchers and Catcher(s) report in eleven days. It is 22 days until the first Spring Training game, and 54 days until Opening Day.

*I'm 39 today. Last year of my 30s, and IT IS NOT GOING VERY WELL.

At Age 39 Barry Bonds (2004) hit .362/.609/.812 (for a career-high 1.422 OPS) with 120 intentional walks. The 2018 Astros were intentionally walked 19 times...combined. 75 of Bonds' 135 hits in 2004 were for extra-bases. He struck out 41 times and walked 232 one season. I'mma Barry Bonds this year. 

*Wade Miley was introduced at a press conference yesterday to officially announce his 1yr/$4.5m deal (with an additional $500K in incentive possibilities). What are those incentives? Ken Rosenthal has them:
$100,000 for each of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 starts OR $100,000 for each of 15, 30, 45, 55, and 60 appearances in relief.

*Chandler Rome notes that A.J. Hinch was Arizona's farm director when they drafted Wade Miley.

FanGraphs' Jeff Sullivan writes that the Astros signed the "poor man's Dallas Keuchel." Speaking of Keuchel, Jay Jaffe projects him to sign with the Angels.

*Jake Kaplan has ten thoughts on the Astros' rotation, following the Miley Cyning.

*We won't know the result of Correa's arbitration hearing until Tuesday, apparently.

*Shortstop Freudis Nova, who has drawn comparisons to Edgar Renteria and Hanley Ramirez, is the Astros' prospect who just missed the Top 100.

*Luke Hagerty was the Cubs' 1st Round pick in 2002 and was out of baseball by 2007. Now he's back and throwing 99mph.

*Outside: My crazy Kurdistan road trip.

*A Musical Selection: