Friday, February 1, 2019

Friday Morning Hot Links

It took me an hour to get to campus during what typically takes a 25 minute drive. I am running very late on these Hot Links and for that I apologize. You can blame the local city officials for somehow misplacing every single snow plow they own between now and last Saturday. I mean seriously what else does a mayor do? Anything important is done by the Governor anyway. Your one job that everyone cares that you do is to plow roads. Plow roads.

As you may have heard last night, Wade Miley has been signed to a one year deal by the Astros.

Astros County's own Brian Arbour wrote an article right here last night and the topic, and you can check it out right here.

The Crawfish Boxes also talks about the Miley acquisition and how it fits into the Houston Astros pitching mold.

All seven Astros minor league teams have officially set their coaching staffs for 2019.

Carlos Correa and the Nationals' Michael Taylor were the first two players to kick off the rounds of arbitration hearings.

Brian McTaggart did a mailbag thing, and folks the mail is here.

Here are some other questions he answered EXCLUSIVELY for Twitter:
Is Lance McCullers pitching in 2019?
So LMC is out for the year??
and my favorite, what is the health status of Lance McCullers heading into 2019?

Jake Kaplan is fielding questions for his mailbag article, so there's still time to get your questions in ($).

Let's get to know Jeremy Pena, ValleyCats infielder, in today's Astros Prospect Review.

This J.T. Realmuto situation is starting to feel awful hostage-y. Don't worry though, trade talks are progressing well (much like the last 18 months).

This Hawaiian farmer is growing massive avocados.

The musical selection is not my bit but I would like to bump Tobias Rauscher just as an artist. No singing, just a guy going nuts on his acoustic guitar. Well worth taking some time out of your day to listen to a track or two.