Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

Hey guys. Flick Nickem speaking. You may remember me from my last post on this website 2018 Astros as Birds (LOOK MY FIRST EVER HOT LINK IS A SHAMELESS PLUG) or if you follow my antics on my Twitter @FlickNickem (OOPS I DID IT AGAIN).

Your normal provider for Hot Links, Mr. Astros County, is taking a few days off to rest and recharge so instead of going without Hot Links completely, I decided to throw some together myself so we don't have to suffer without them. I am going to try and make them pretty similar to the format that we all know and love, but this is also a completely new author and I am known to be quite the little goofball so expect a little bit of a different personality in the next couple of daily posts. 

Lets start with the All-Star Game. How'd our Astros do?
-Altuve 1-3 with a strikeout, but that one hit was his first hit in the All-Star game in his sixth showing.
-Bregman also went 1-3 with a strikeout, difference being he hit the go-ahead HR to win the whole dang thing and then later was named the Ted Williams All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award and given a car for doing so, giving it to his mom. You can peep his postgame interview here.
-Springer batted 1.000, going 2-2 and also hit a HR a couple minutes after Bregman did. So that was fun.
-Morton did not have a great showing, giving up 2 earned runs on 2 hits in 2 innings (HRs by Trevor Story and Christian Yelich). He also struck out 2 and walked 1.
-Verlander and Cole did not pitch, but they made the team and thats all that matters! *happy emoji*

Other notable All-Star game-y things:
-The AL won again, because duh.
-It did not rain, but every team still needs a retractable roof.
-Rich Dauer got to participate in his first All-Star Game, months after recovering from an emergency brain surgery following a collapse at the championship parade last November
-There were a combined 10 home runs hit last night, and the pitching staffs combined to strike out 25 batters.
-We found out about the lifestyle of 17 year old Josh Hader in between innings. It's..uh...not that awesome. But hey good news! Turns out the Astros won the trade!

In Other News:
-The Astros are doing a 4th World Series giveaway. I don't have one yet and I live in the Midwest, so if you want to get another one to send one my way, you'd be my favorite! <3
-Charlie Morton does not want to use injuries as an excuse for not being an all-star until age 34, because he is a sweetheart who is impossible to hate I love him I have his jersey okay next
-Here is our hitting coach talking about being a hitting coach, why AJ Hinch is one of the smartest people he's ever met, and talking about how to assess Kyle Tucker and George Springer's first halves.
-A New Astros Prospect Stock Report is up on the Crawford Boxes, for your viewing pleasure.
-Brent Strom thinks Keuchel might be back and here to stay.
-Buy Astroball.
-The Astros are not happy with Papa John, but they are still subjecting the fans to Papa Johns. I'm sorry.
-But Venus owned the moon the other day and folks let me tell you, THIS is the Moon news I am here for!

Well, I hope you enjoyed Hot Links Flick Edition Vol. 1. I'll be back tomorrow (I think) with more piping hot hot links! (I get paid every time I say hot links) ((This is not true but it is probably the best excuse I can use that you guys would actually wait.......shoot.....))