Monday, July 30, 2018

Monday Morning Hot Links

Got swept by the Rangers. We struck out 19 batters in a 9 inning game and lost.

McCann's knee ain't right, Altuve just went on the DL, Correa's back still hurts. Yuli is out here doing this, J.D. Davis is batting .154 WORSE than what he was in Fresno, Stassi hasn't gotten a hit since May, Kempin' aint easy, Devo exploded, fireworks exploded (and it was 80s themed because THE FANS VOTED FOR IT WHAT THE HECK GUYS??) Anyways, it generally hasn't been the best week for our Houston Astros (see above). The good news is we got swept by the White Sox last year and things actually turned out okay. That does not make what we as Astros fans went through any more fun, but I thought it would be nice to share.

Let's knock out some more bad news first before we get to the good stuff.

A.J. Hinch has implied that multiple people will have to play more unconventional positions.
"If you've got (Tyler) White and (J.D.) Davis and (Alex) Bregman and Marwin and Yuli and (Evan) Gattis, getting all of those into the lineup, some guys are going to have to play at a few different positions."
Can't wait to see Evan Gattis play 1st base this road trip!

A young boy with Down Syndrome has lost his special toy at Minute Maid Park yesterday. If you know anything where it might be, make sure to let this family know.

James Paxton is coming back just in time to face the struggling offense. Then we finish up in Seattle, then hit the Dodgers and Giants to finish up the road trip. Correa and Altuve better get fixed fast is all I'm saying.

Ugly Tweets have resurfaced involving Astros outfielder George Springer. I'll link the worst one here, but viewer discretion is advised...

Ken Giles is not having a great time in Fresno either. The Astros are shopping him(?) but I don't know how much interest is there.


Trade Deadline is tomorrow. Get your twitters ready!

Your day probably wasn't as bad as Jurickson Profar's.

There is a chance Forrest Whitley shows up on the team by September.

Max Stassi is a stud and should be blessed to have an opportunity to cheer for him.

Tyler White went 3/3 yesterday, and is currently hitting .286 with 3 home runs in 35 ABs. Pleasant surprise for the Astros thus far in 2018. Maybe he changed his approach and started thinking about Carlos Gomez hitting his Range Rover while he's in the box.

On this day in 2004, the Mets moved former Houston Astros Greats Scott Kazmir and Ty Wigginton to acquire former Astros Great Jeff Keppinger (and others but whatever).

These goofball Egyptians painted a donkey like a zebra and told everyone their zoo had a zebra.

This guy in New Hampshire went to a Planet Fitness naked because "it was a judgment free zone."

If you haven't read this piece on how one guy rigged McDonald's Monopoly, you should.

Sorry for the Springer tweet thing. That was stupid. I will be better.

I hope the Astros will win a game before I have to do this again. Hang in there guys. This slump will all be over soon.