Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

I am off for the next six days. Since my wretched body doesn't know how to sleep past 6:30am there will likely be Hot Links each morning, just not as early - my alarm is not going off at 4:45am for the next five days.

*The Astros apparently met with free agent pitcher Yu Darvish yesterday. Heyman:
The extent of the Astros' interest is unknown and is a bit curious since they tattooed Darvish twice in the World Series (though there was a report in Sports Illustrated quoting an Astros player who said Darvish was tipping his pitches, which might actually help him since that's presumably correctable). Astros higher-up Nolan Ryan...was Rangers CEO when they signed Darvish, though that was mostly the production of GM Jon Daniels, who still seems to have his eye on the Darvish market.

Richard Justice has five reasons why the Astros signing Yu Darvish makes sense.

*Maybe the Rangers are a little panicked about it?

*Early season Sunday Night Baseball matchups!
-April 15 vs Arlington
-May 20 vs Cleveland

*The Houston chapter of the BBWAA handed out some awards:
MVP: Jose Altuve
Co-Pitchers of the Year: Dallas Keuchel / Brad Peacock
Rookie of the Year: Yuli Gurriel
Darryl Kile Good Guy Award: Carlos Correa

*Jay Jaffe breaks down the "fascinating, borderline" Hall of Fame case of Billy Wagner.

*LA Times' Bill Plaschke: If LA Sports' 2017 had a name, it would be Yu Darvish. Lots of "we"s and "our"s in here. I try very hard not to refer to the Astros with "our," "we," "us." I run a blog for $0.

*Cool story in the New York Post about the impact Aaron Boone had in his brief time with the Astros.

*Uh, Rangers lefty Martin Perez - who led the team in starts in 2016 and 2017 - got injured by a bull.

*Diana Moskovitz: "You survived at NFL Network by staying silent."

*Willie Nelson's "Pretty Paper" is a true story.