Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

*Richard Justice thinks the Astros should try to sign Adrian Gonzalez. Or Matt Adams. Or Lucas Duda. Or Curtis Granderson. Or anyone who is apparently old and left-handed. If those are the only two requirements, might I suggest that Luhnow call my agent (my wife).

*Jose Altuve is one of nine finalists for the Dallas Morning-News' Texan of the Year.

*Never forget.
*Looking for something for that special Astros fan in your life? Might I recommend Astros Strong, published by the Chronicle. It's a wonderful ride back through the season that ended with, wait for it, yes, a World Series championship. Filled with articles, recaps, and interviews from the 2017 season, I really enjoyed reading it. And it's a good way to remember just how crazy Game 2 was. Maybe I've read it a couple of times. Okay, sure, it's in the bathroom right now. Get it in print or on Kindle.

*Check out this podcast with Corpus' Myles Straw.

*Cole Hamels donated his 32,000 square-foot mansion plus 100 acres of land to a camp for kids with special needs. You don't have to like him, though.

*The Gun Hunters of Hurricane Harvey.

*Deliverance from 27,000 feet.

*Can baseball turn a 27-year old into the perfect manager?


DaddyO said...

I know the CEO of the camp. Setting the spurned lover narrative aside regarding Hamels (We all know on some level that we will go wherever we think our family will be the happiest if money is no object). Astros fans will hopefully recognize how amazingly life changing this will be for these kids.

Camp Barnabas is truly a special special place.

John said...

Gonzalez had negative value last year. His OPS+ was 69 (!), he'll be 36, and Justice thinks he should be signed to DH. Richard Justice is a fool.