Friday, November 3, 2017

Friday Morning Hot Links

Nope, it's still real. They actually won the World Series. How many of you woke up yesterday wondering how the Astros would lose the World Series? I did.

*Jeff Passan: How the Astros went from great to legendary. Read every word of this.

*Tyler Kepner: When the Astros needed him, Charlie Morton was there. Charlie Morton is the only pitcher in MLB history to win two Game 7s in one season.

*Washington Post's Dave Sheinin: The Astros win is the moment analytics conquered MLB for good.

*Rob Lowe is very butthurt.

*ESPN's Marly Rivera called Astros over Dodgers in seven...back in March.

*Bob Nightengale on George Springer's talent and grace.

*The Astros won the World Series without a bullpen.

*Wait guys. Jon Heyman would kindly like to remind you to turn your music down, and also that there are apparently more people in the front office than Jeff Luhnow.

*CBS Sports: Evan Gattis completes journey from custodian to World Series champion.

*New bench coach Joe Espada has spent the last three years as Joe Girardi's 3B coach.

*Tributes from long-time writers on AC are starting to trickle in. Here's Cockroach's, and here's The Batguy's.

*AP: Houston's built to last.

*Wall Street Journal: The chemistry experiment behind the Astros winning the World Series.

*Brian T. Smith: Crane/Luhnow never wavered from their vision.

*NY Times: What the Astros win means for Houston.

*ESPN Stats' Sarah Langs: What to expect from the Astros in 2018.

*New York sports pages find the Astros and their system very problematic.

*USA Today: Looking ahead to the off-season