Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thursday Morning Hot Links

Updated list of World Series droughts:
1. Cleveland Indians - 68 years
2. Texas Rangers - 56 years
3. Houston Astros - 55 years

*151 days until Opening Day against the Mariners.

*Jake Kaplan has three offseason storylines: Outfield, Gurriel, and Catching.

*Jon Morosi looks to the Astros, Yankees, and Red Sox as major suitors for Edwin Encarnacion.

*Read the story of the Cubs winning the World Series from the 1908 Chicago Tribune.

*The Cubs and Indians are built to contend for years.

*The Indians revolutionized baseball and still came up short

*Tim Brown: How the Cubs killed the curse

*Anthony Rizzo and the bat that saved his postseason.

*FanGraphs: Maybe the Cubs haven't peaked yet.

*Credit Jason Hayward, the Cubs' very own Carlos Gomez, with saving Game 7.


Anonymous said...

Not a fan of the idea that Rangers fans are more starved of winning than Astros fans. Doubt many Rangers fans out there started with the Senators.

Anonymous said...

Is there a good way to stack rank catchers? I'd like to say how Jason Castro ranks in strikeouts with RISP, pass balls (which I suspect is his saving grace), throwing out runners on base, and batting average.

I'd like to see his stats verses other catchers that have a similar number of games played and similar number of at-bats.

Cockroach said...

Technically the Rangers franchise has waited a year longer than Houston, but that only counts for Washington fans who also moved to Flower Mound in 1972 (which, I'd wager, is very few). So I would re-order the list like this:

1. Cleveland Indians - 68 years
2. Houston Astros - 55 years
3. Texas Rangers - 45 years

Cockroach said...

Actually, correcting the correction:

1. Cleveland Indians - 68 years
2. Houston Astros - 55 years
3. San Diego Padres - 48 years
4. Milwaukee Brewers - 47 years
5. Texas Rangers - 45 years

Terence said...

This would be a good place to start.

Chas R said...

As an Astros and Washington Nationals fan, I second Cockroaches motion. If you look at droughts by city and not franchise, Washington, D.C. has not won a World Series since 1924. That is a longer than Cleveland. Of course, we live in Galveston now, so why do I care...