Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

*Jose Altuve is a dad!

*Jeff Luhnow will be the first guest on Astroline, which will broadcast live from Pluckers on Shepherd on November 15.

*Joel Sherman reported that the Astros and Yankees seemingly could line up on a trade for Sheriff Brian McCann. This report says that the Braves and Yankees were trying to make something work, but the Braves weren't willing to give up outfielder Ender Inciarte or Mike Foltynewicz. McCann is owed $17m over each of the next two seasons (with a $15m vesting option for 2019), so how much the Astros are willing to take on in salary will help determine the return, should this trade actually happen.

*There is now an 8-foot 800lb statue of Nolan Ryan at the entrance to Dell Diamond in Round Rock. That Rangers jersey is gonna be awkward when the Astros take the affiliation back...

*The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches will be ready when Spring Training 2017 opens...but not a day sooner.

*Fayetteville, NC officials hope to have a stadium agreement and a 30-year lease signed by the end of the year. It is projected that the $33m stadium will be completed by 2019, though the team will begin play in the Carolina League next season.

*Jim Crane has some advice for aspiring golf course owner and crying guy meme Michael Jordan.

*Maybe it's time you heard about hard-throwing prospect Jorge Guzman, who throws 102 and wrapped up a 2016 season at the GCL Astros and Greeneville in which he struck out 54 batters in 40IP.

*Ben Lindbergh: This postseason highlights all of Rob Manfred's worst fears.

*Dave Cameron: Aroldis Chapman and the cost of risk aversion.

*Tim Brown: Game 7 carries a generational burden

*Someone bought two seats on StubHub for Game 7 for $39,800.

*Half-sisters met each other for the first time at Game 6.

*"19 years ago I typed the sentence 'the Cleveland Indians won the 1997 World Series.' No one read it."

*Mets closer Jeurys Familia was arrested on Halloween for a domestic violence incident.