Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday Morning Hot Links

And so 2016 ends with a whimper and not a bang. Brady Rodgers went 3.2IP, allowing four earned runs as the Astros lost to the Angels 8-1.

Wild Card Schedule:

*Tuesday: Baltimore at Toronto
*Wednesday: San Francisco at New York

*George Springer played in 162 games this season - the first Astro to do that since Carlos Lee in 2007.

*Jose Altuve went 1x4 to finish the season at .338, winning his 2nd batting title. Dustin Pedroia/Mookie Betts each hit .318 this season. Altuve has three of the four seasons with the most hits in franchise history. Altuve:
Like I said yesterday, we have a really good team, and we're going to come back stronger next year.

*The Astros will have an end-of-season press conference this morning at 11:30am Central, and A.J. Hinch declined to comment on the job security of the coaching staff. Most fans are mad as hell about the job Dave Hudgens did as hitting coach, which is under the microscope now that Carlos Gomez is basically Mike Trout for the Rangers.

*Had this in the links yesterday, but Hinch and Correa both elaborated on Correa's less-than-ideal year. Hinch:
He's gone through a lot of things he won't talk about or I don't necessarily want to talk about, but to get through a season intact is a bid deal for him...It's hard to gauge how impactful his year was based on how much of the year he spent less than 100 percent.

*Yulieski Gurriel finished one AB shy of exhausting his rookie status, so he'll be a 33-year old rookie in 2017. Gurriel:
I'm really excited to have a good offseason and come into spring training really healthy and in really good shape to help the team win.

*The Astros will likely have the 16th pick in the 2017 draft.

*Jayson Stark: Why the Red Sox will win the World Series