Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

First up: I am pleased to announce that Astros County is starting a new media venture with writer/comedian Pat McLellan and comedian John Wessling. This new podcast - which will also feature special guests to be revealed later - will be called Lima Time Time and will also include us "calling" an Astros game on the reg on Rabble.tv. So get excited, because this is happening. #LimaTimeTime

The Astros beat the Yankees 1-0 yesterday to improve to 5-1 on the Spring. Mike Fiers threw two scoreless innings, as have Scott Feldman and Doug Fister. Today at 12:05pm Central Doug Fister takes the mound for the second time to face the Nationals.

*Top story of the morning - other than that one - is that the Astros and A.J. Hinch agreed to a revised contract this offseason. Details in the Chron are sketchy, but it seems as though there is more guaranteed money through at least 2018. Luhnow:
We're committed to A.J., and he's committed to us. We don't comment on contracts.

*Danny Worth probably won't make the Opening Day roster, but his versatility and demeanor give him value (Astros.com). And he throws a mean knuckleball (Chron).

*Mike F. Fiers has been working on a slider. (Astros.com)

*A.J. Hinch said that whoever ends up as the SP5 won't be influenced by who is more suited for long relief. (Evan Drellich). Mike Fiers isn't worried (Chron).

*Jon Singleton is David Schoenfield's pick for the player who needs to have a breakout season for the Astros to truly contend (ESPN).

*Evan Gattis (hernia) hit 25 overhand pitches this morning and is expected to take BP tomorrow pending a doctor's checkup today (Brian McTaggart).

*Relevant to the Astros and Dallas Keuchel: the Cubs and Jake Arrieta both want an extension, but disagree on the number of years (SB Nation).

*The recent history of teams like the Royals (FanGraphs).

*10-year old Landis Sims was born without hands or lower legs. He took BP with the Yankees yesterday (ESPN).

*How hockey is helping the Czech Republic national baseball team rise up the rankings. (Fox Sports)

*Four French designers are trying to build the ultimate soccer almanac (Vice Sports)

Before you go: this gif of historical home run leaders is mesmerizing.

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Anonymous said...

The make or break article is terrible. As is the concept of a make or break player.

Singleton is the astros make or break player. He will probably be replaced by the end of the year.

If I had to rank player we need to succeed to do well as a team, I go with:
Correa - could have a slump, tough to replace
Springer - could go either way, huge upside
Castro - we dont depend on his bat and he only plays 60% of games, still important
Gattis - will play, could bat 200 could have an iso of 250