Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Morning Hot Links

We are exactly 28 days away from G1 against the Yankees. More immediately, the Astros play the Yankees at 12:05pm today - Mike F. Fiers gets the start.

*A flock of seagulls interrupted the Astros/Pirates game yesterday. (CBS Sports)

*2016 Single-game tickets go on sale at 9am today.

*Matt Duffy hit two homers. Jon Singleton hit a homer and just missed a grand slam. Tyler White hit a homer. A.J. Reed went 3x5. This first base competition thing is lit. (

*...Except A.J. Reed (and Colin Moran) hasn't played at Triple-A. (Chron)

*Matt Duffy is "right in the thick" of the 1B toss-up. (Chron)

*Brad Peacock can't remember the last time he was healthy. (

*Jake Marisnick is working on a more efficient swing. (

*How much is your team's all-star worth in prospects? (Hardball Times)

*Take everything you hear about player's health from player with a grain of salt. (Hardball Talk)

*What are the Diamondbacks doing? (Fox Sports)

*Now that Daniel Murphy is a National, the Mets have changed their signs. (NY Times)

*Female reporters open up about their safety (Sports Illustrated)

*Corruption and neglect at SMU (NY Times)

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