Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursday Morning Hot Links

*The Masked Marvel has an opinion post, now that we know Thomas Eshelman is the 4th player headed to Philly.

*In the Giles trade piece, Evan Drellich speculates that clubhouse politics could come into the discussion on whether or not Giles takes over as closer for Luke Gregerson. To which your initial response might be "Blogga, please!" But Gregerson does have bonuses worked into his contract based on the number of games he finishes - like, an extra $1m if he finishes 57 games, bonuses.

*Jesse Spector writes about why Giles should be the set-up man for Luke Gregerson.

*FanGraphs: Ken Giles: Underrated Relief Ace

*The Astros have talked to the Indians about SP Carlos Carrasco, and other teams have checked in on the availability of Carlos Gomez and George Springer. Are they on the block?
It's a tricky question to answer. Because if you have good players, other clubs are going to ask you about them and any time you get an inbound inquiry on any player, you're going to at least look at it and talk about it with your group.

*The Astros have some interest in free agent pitcher Yovani Gallardo. I would be interested in him giving up all the Rangers' secrets. Like, what sex stuff do they do in their clubhouse? How hard does Cole Hamels like to get whipped after losses? You can't put a price on that information.

*The Astros are still looking for some bullpen help, too (and they are still interested in Tony Sipp). Remember they lost Qualls and - currently - Sipp. Which, say what you want about both, but between the two they threw 103.2IP last year, and the Astros will need to make up those innings. The

*Evan Drellich wonders if the Astros would have interest in Washington's Ian Desmond.

*The Astros had concerns about Aroldis Chapman even before the domestic violence report dropped.

*Watch Lance McCullers do a 61.5" box jump.