Friday, October 16, 2015

Heyman's notes on the Astros

Interesting notes column from Jon Heyman today in which we find:

*In off-the-field news, Heyman is reporting that morale among Astros personnel is "at an all-time low" because ownership decided to re-jigger the pension plan and also pay "notoriously low" salaries.

*Astros are unlikely to make a Qualifying Offer to Colby Rasmus.

Qualifying Offers are for one year and $15.8m. If Rasmus accepts it, that's what he gets. If Rasmus declines it, the Astros receive draft pick compensation next June.

*Keep an eye on the Astros' interest in Alex Gordon.

*Jon Singleton may need a change of scenery.

*The Astros also may use the TrackMan system for scouting.