Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday Morning Hot Links

Things are going to be a little quiet around the offices of Astros County in the short-term, as we reflect on the season and, you know, hug our families and whatnot. But we'll have at least a little something every day. We'll continue with the Hot Links every morning, and we'll be starting the Exit Music (For A Player) soon, recapping the 2015 season for each major player on the roster. There will be some retrospectives of people and events from Astros history. Stick around, we'll be here.

*Dallas Keuchel admitted to thinking about the Cy Young, but still isn't over the season yet:
Sour taste in our mouths...but we'll take what we experienced and hopefully get some good knowledge, and hopefully maybe get one or two pieces in the offseason for a complete team and make a run at it next year.

*Fox Sports takes a look at three things the Astros need to do this off-season to continue their run.

*Bill Brown won't find out if he's being brought back for a 30th season until next month at the earliest.

*Head trainer Nate Lucero will not be brought back for 2016, to go along with longtime assistant trainer Rex Jones' retirement.

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Chaz R said...

I disagree slightly with the Fox Sports piece. I think they do need to bring on another starting pitcher, but it should be a top of the rotation type guy to go with Keuchel, not a #3 or back of the rotation. I think we have a bunch of mid-back rotation guys in McHugh (let's face it, he over-achieved this year and we should expect some regression), McCullers (tremendous upside- possible top rotation guy in 2-4 years), Feldman, and Fiers.

I would move Gregerson back to the setup role and bring on a real honest to goodness lock down CLOSER (Kimbrel type). We could get Papelbon cheap from the Nats, but he's risky with clubhouse chemistry on this young team.

Lastly, they really need to fix the corner infield positions and bring on one solid corner OF bat (Justin Upton or Jason Heyward types). I like Jake, but he's really a 4th OFer type. Jake and Tucker would be perfect 4th and 5th OFers and make for a solid bench along with Marwyn.