Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday Morning Hot Links

Things are going to be a little quiet around the offices of Astros County in the short-term, as we reflect on the season and, you know, hug our families and whatnot. But we'll have at least a little something every day. We'll continue with the Hot Links every morning, and we'll be starting the Exit Music (For A Player) soon, recapping the 2015 season for each major player on the roster. There will be some retrospectives of people and events from Astros history. Stick around, we'll be here.

*Dallas Keuchel admitted to thinking about the Cy Young, but still isn't over the season yet:
Sour taste in our mouths...but we'll take what we experienced and hopefully get some good knowledge, and hopefully maybe get one or two pieces in the offseason for a complete team and make a run at it next year.

*Fox Sports takes a look at three things the Astros need to do this off-season to continue their run.

*Bill Brown won't find out if he's being brought back for a 30th season until next month at the earliest.

*Head trainer Nate Lucero will not be brought back for 2016, to go along with longtime assistant trainer Rex Jones' retirement.