Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Arbitration Projections Are Out

MLBTR has posted their arbitration projections. We'll come back to this in the off-season, but at least it provides something to think about other than the overwhelming nausea we collectively feel over the Wild Card game.

Here's what MLBTR's figures project:

Keuchel: $6.4m
Valbuena: $5.8m
Carter: $5.6m
Castro: $4.6m
Gattis: $3.4m
Marwin: $1.9m
Conger: $1.8m
Fields: $800,000
Deduno: $700,000

Keuchel's a slam dunk. What say you on the others?


Jordy said...

Yes to most. Have to think about Valbuena and Castro. I hope they try to extend Keuchel.

How does this affect overall payroll? They'd go from ~$80MM to ~$90MM? ~$100MM? Either way, Astros should be able to handle a payroll closer to the middle of the league.

Jordy said...
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Bru said...

I'd hesitate on Carter at 5.6, but what do I know? Same with Conger at 1.8, but his dancing and "chemistry" is probably worth that. Dunno about Deduno. All the others are more than reasonable. Valbuena is probably the one most would balk at, but 25 dingers, a great arm, able to play both corners, bat flips, and some great looking at-bats in the last several weeks make it a yes for me.