Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

The Astros hit 30 wins last night and, with the Angels' extra-inning loss, FanGraphs is giving the Astros a 42.9% chance of winning the division and a 62.9% chance of going to the postseason.

*30-17 is the best start in franchise history, and it's also the quickest the Astros have gotten to 30 wins since 1998 (30-18), the team that finished 102-60.

Check out the Astros' record at 30 wins in recent seasons:
2014: 30-37
2013: 30-49
2012: 30-42
2011: 30-58 (!)
2010: 30-47

*The Astros scored all four runs from last night's win in the 7th and 8th innings, giving them 85 runs in the 7th or later - most in the majors. A.J. Hinch has a kinda sorta explanation:
We tend to have better at-bats as the game goes along. I don't really know why or don't have a reason, but we do. We lock in a little bit towards the end and, as we get runners on base, it shows up.

*Orioles manager Buck Showalter on Scott Feldman:
(Feldman) pitched pretty well, too. We didn't make many adjustments to patterns we knew were coming.

*Brett Oberholtzer will make a rehab start for Fresno today and could be activated as a long man, depending on whether McCullers stays in the rotation (which has my vote). The Astros are also moving Keuchel up between McCullers and Fausto to eliminate the possible need for multiple innings of relief on back-to-back days.

*Jose Altuve has a 600K-ish vote lead for starting AL 2B All-Star.

*Check out The Batguy's post on the Astros and 1B