Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Morning Link Dump

*Cleaning up some rumors from late last week/over the weekend, the Astros talked to Scott Boras last week about Stephen Drew, which would fill a short-term need at shortstop. In 85 games (due to signing late so teams could avoid giving up a draft pick) last season for Boston and New York, Drew hit .162/.237/.299 - though he did post a .777 OPS for the Red Sox in 2013. That said, he has played in 100+ games just once since 2010.

*The big rumor from yesterday is that the Astros are a possible "sleeper team" for Cole Hamels, who has four years and $94m left on the massive contract he signed when Ruben Amaro Jr offered it from the champagne room at the club. There is a $20m team option, or a $24m vesting option, or a $6m buyout for 2019.

Hamels would obviously be a massive upgrade, but at what cost - and not just in terms of money (which isn't our money), but prospects? Hamels posted a 6.9 WAR last season, but I can't see the Astros giving away Correa, Springer, or Appel for Hamels' Age 31-35 (or 36) seasons. The Phillies helped along the Astros' rebuild, I'm not interested in returning the favor.

*According to the New York Daily News' Bill Madden, the Astros are interested in Mike Morse, who hit .276/.336/.475 for the Giants last season - his best year since 2011. Madden also says the Astros are one of three "best bets" for stumping up the cash for Max Scherzer, So take that with however many grains of salt you want...