Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tales from the GOATpen

It's that time, dear readers. Let's see what the last two weeks have wrought in this installment of Tales from the GOATpen.

Not surprisingly, the standings are still relatively tight, with the Andujar Jar Binks leading the Astros division by 3 games and the Master Bateman heading the Colt 45 division by 2.

Now for the highlights...

5/12 - Doug Drabek held the Binks to just 4 hits in a 1-0 shutout victory, striking out 5.

5/18 - Sean Berry had a nice day, going 5 for 6 in a losing effort for Greenville. "I felt real good in the batter's box today. I had confidence in my swing and knew that it was there and that I could get the job done," the 32 year old third baseman said. "I just wish we had won the game, too." Berry doubled in the 1st, and added singles in the 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 9th.

5/19 - The players of the week were named today. Lee May of Seanberry Shortcake and Albuquerque's Cliff Johnson took home the hardware. May hit .519 with 4 HR and 12 RBI for the week, while Johnson hit .444 with 3 HR.

5/19 - Berry came through with a 2nd straight 5 hit performance, this time helping lead Greenville to victory. Berry went 5 for 5, all singles. "To hit the ball consistently well, you have to relax. I was relaxed for the first four hits, but I must admit, I got a little tight when I realized I had a chance for another 5-hit game. On the last at-bat, I was ready to swing at anything close."

5/21 - Bad news today, as we learned about the passing of Dexter Fowler's grandfather. "Some things are more important than baseball. Right now I have to be there for my family. This team will still be here when I get back." Fowler is expected to miss two games.

5/23 - JR Richard had another strong start as he struck out 18 Binks in a 6-4 win, walking 2 and allowing 4 hits. "That's as good as I've ever seen him throw," his manager said. "I've never seen so many bad swings in my life. These guys didn't have a chance."

5/23 - Mike Scott did his best to top Richard's start as he struck out 17 Kiwis in a 3-0 shutout win. He allowed 4 hits and walked 1. "He was very efficient and he hit his spots," his manager said. "He stayed down in the zone and stayed away from the middle of the plate."

5/26 - Glenn Davis and Morgan Ensberg were named players of the week. Davis hit .429 with 5 HR on the week, while Ensberg hit .478. Asked what his hitting philosophy was, Ensberg quipped to reporters, "Well, my theory of hitting is to just watch the ball as it comes in and hit it."

Here are our stat leaders at this point:

 And some more screenshots just for fun.