Monday, December 15, 2014

Jed's Back

The Astros have announced they are bringing back Jed Lowrie on a fairly team friendly deal, as Evan Drellich has reported.
Lowrie was of course the Astros starting shortstop for the 2012 season and went away in the Carter/Peacock/Stassi trade. He had an excellent 2013 for the A's, but was coming off of a down year in 2014, hitting only .249/.321/.355, for 93 wRC+. Still, at just 7 million per year, even that production will make him worth the contract. And he is a massive upgrade at either SS and 3rd.

You might also remember the Astros throwing a fit over Lowrie bunting against the shift, and then throwing baseballs at him. It seems he got over it.


ntxlfty said...

I guess that does it for your totally awesome A-Rod suggestion. Oh well, I liked your idea.

Terence said...

Sandoval signs with the Red Sox 5/95, Headley signs with Yankees today for 4/52. Lowrie at 4/28 seems like a great value contract on a guy who can serve the team in a variety ways.

Also, the contract is front loaded like Feldman and unlike Gregerson and Neshek,so that is....uh...interesting.

God said...

WOOOOOOO this is the only free agent I've really wanted this offseason. No hes not Miggy Cabrera or anything like that, but I think we can all agree hes the 2nd best Astros SS in the last 10+ years (Tejada).. Lowrie >>>>> /Marwin/Villar

Anonymous said...

Nice! Hated to see him go in the first place, but we got a very nice haul for him.