Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

Here's wut u knead 2 no to win your watercooler:

*The Astros have spent just over $97m per All-Star over the past ten years. 

*21st Round pick Mac Marshall tells that he "wants to be at LSU" and has not been in contact with the Astros. 

*Jeff Luhnow denies that the Astros are using Brady Aiken's physical against him as leverage, while Jim Callis wonders if Aiken would command $25-30m were he to be granted free agency by MLB. Luhnow:
We took Brady Aiken with the No. 1 pick in the Draft. That's not a pick you play games with. It's absurd that anyone would think that

*MLBPA Executive Director Tony Clark said of the recent Astros/Aiken blowup:
It is disappointing on any number of levels to think what has happened in that situation and what has happened with respect to the integrity of the draft process in general. You can be assured that the manipulation we think that happened in this case is going to lead us to have some conversations.

*In that link, "A Person With Knowledge of the Situation" said that Aiken had a UCL, just "not much."

*Here's a profile on undrafted free agent signee Aaron Vaughn.

*Brett Wallace was traded to Toronto for cash considerations.