Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

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*The Astros enlarged the classic Craig Bjornson Spring Training photo and brought it to Arizona.

*Dallas Keuchel has thought about being an All-Star, does not think about WAR.

*Meat Wagon Update: George Springer tweaked his knee, while the Astros hope to get Matt Albers and Anthony Bass back before the All-Star Break.

*Keith Law has an (Insider-only) recap up of all AL drafts. Law refers to Brady Aiken as "the Clayton Kershaw starter kit."

*BP says 5th Round pick Jacob Nix "showed positive indicators of future growth last summer and followed it up with tangible steps this spring that showed progress towards his high upside projection."

*37th overall pick Derek Fisher and the Virginia Cavaliers are headed to Omaha.

*6th Round pick Brock Dykxhoorn only started playing baseball to stay in shape for hockey.

*17th Round pick Ben Smith was one of Baseball America's Top 51 college players - he had Tommy John surgery this spring.