Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Details on A.J. Reed / J.D. Davis

2nd and 3rd Round picks A.J. Reed and J.D. Davis - The Initials, as I like to call them - have agreed to terms with signing bonuses announced.

Jon Heyman has A.J. Reed's signing bonus at $1,350,000 while Brian McTaggart reported that J.D. Davis's signing bonus was for $748,600. Both of these are right at slot.

So the Astros have allegedly spent $8,848,600 of their bonus pool, leaving $4,517,600 to sign their remaining picks. With Aiken's reportedly-under slot deal the Astros currently have saved $1,519,600 to spread around.

We've been pimping this link for a few days now, but you can find status updates on all draft picks - updated regularly - here.