Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Details on A.J. Reed / J.D. Davis

2nd and 3rd Round picks A.J. Reed and J.D. Davis - The Initials, as I like to call them - have agreed to terms with signing bonuses announced.

Jon Heyman has A.J. Reed's signing bonus at $1,350,000 while Brian McTaggart reported that J.D. Davis's signing bonus was for $748,600. Both of these are right at slot.

So the Astros have allegedly spent $8,848,600 of their bonus pool, leaving $4,517,600 to sign their remaining picks. With Aiken's reportedly-under slot deal the Astros currently have saved $1,519,600 to spread around.

We've been pimping this link for a few days now, but you can find status updates on all draft picks - updated regularly - here.

1 comment:

The General said...

Nix is obviously and overslot guy and Mac Marshall is not signing. Where does the $800,000 or so left over from Aiken go?

Maybe Tanielu goes over slot? Or Ruben Castro?

Should the Astros have pulled the trigger on another high schooler that was falling due to signability?