Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

Here's what you need to know while we try not to doze off at work from staying up until midnight last night celebrating (quietly) the win over Seattle.

*Jim Crane would like a resolution to CSN Houston within 30 days.

*Jimmy Traina interviewed new celebrity Delino DeShields about getting hit in the face last weekend. DeShields: "I do have a good sense of humor about it because it could be a lot worse and I'm not dead."

Also, DeShields is a bawse:
I have a football mindset. I'm gonna get in the box and it's still gonna be a battle between me and whoever is throwing and you're still trying to win. If anything, I'll have nerve because I'm excited to play again, but as far as being scared, naw, that's not me. If I get hit in the face again, so be it. I signed up, I'm committed to play this sport, there's nothing in the contract or rules that say you aren't gonna get hit in the face or be injured or anything like that, and I know that so I'm just gonna go and continue and do what I love to do. Nothing will change.

*The Crawfish Boxes says not to panic about the offensive woes.

*George Springer went to live with Seattle's Brad Miller this offseason because of Connecticut weather.

*Via What The Heck Bobby we find that Japhet Amador has been loaned back to Diablos Rojos.

*Lookout Landing says Mike Zunino's freaking moonshot last night may have been fair after all.

*John Sickels profiled Jon Singleton as his prospect of the day.

*Finally, slide on down and meet the newest writer for Astros County, the Masked Marvel