Tuesday, April 22, 2014

By Way of Introduction


Now that the Green Card has been checked, the hourly rate decided, and the numbers of the Cayman Island account exchanged, I thought that I would briefly introduce myself.  Note that it will be brief, as AC is not a self-aggrandizing kind of blog.  So... brief.

My name is James.  I have young kids.  I am an Astros fan, and have been since the late 1990's.  I attended the 2003 6-pitcher no-hitter in person (and yes, like a true tragic, I bought and kept the local New York newspapers).  I am a kiwi.  Not one of those, or those, but one of these.  I love hyperlinks.  I am a doctor, and have an interest in PEDs - time permitting, I will publish a series on this.

I have offered to help Mr C. Roach out with the game recaps, especially for the ones that end in the wee small hours in Central Time Zones.  They end late afternoon over here, so I can spend my evenings recapping for y'all.  I want to thank AC for giving me the opportunity, and hope that you enjoy my non-sensical rantings.

See?  Brief!