Monday, April 14, 2014

Triple-A affiliate moving back to Round Rock?

There is a (paywalled) article in the Austin American-Statesman from over the weekend which is nicely summarized by this un-paywalled post in Ballpark Digest about the Astros potentially moving their Triple-A affiliate back to Round Rock in time for the 2015 season.

It makes perfect sense, what with the House of Ryan firmly back with Houston, to switch their affiliate to Round Rock when the Professional Development Contract with Oklahoma City expires at the end of this season. That said, the Rangers signed a PDC with Round Rock through 2016, but - as Ballpark Digest notes - those PDCs can be terminated if both sides agree to the termination of that contract.

One would have to wonder if that would put the affiliation in Montgomery County story to bed. The Astros purchased Camp Strake last summer with the idea of purchasing a Triple-A team - likely New Orleans - there. But Reid Ryan made it known last September that he would prefer to move the Astros' affiliation back to Round Rock.

Looks like Reid may be able to talk Crane into it.