Friday, July 12, 2013

Jim Crane has purchased Camp Strake

An article in the Cy-Creek Mirror indicates that Jim Crane is part of a Houston area development group that has purchased Camp Strake from the Boy Scouts of America. Camp Strake is a 2,175-acre piece of land 40 miles north of Houston and south of Conroe (see map below), and was put on the market last September.

Conroe officials won't confirm the buyer, but have said the development will be similar to Market Street in The Woodlands, and could include the new Astros Triple-A ballpark.

Conroe Mayor Webb Melder said previously:
Something big is about to happen over there.

The linked article:
As for the development including a ball park, Calhoun did not have confirmation but said he was aware of previous talks about the Houston Astros potentially locating a Triple-A team in Montgomery County, specifically the Camp Strake property. Calls to the Houston Astros and Crane’s office at Crane Capital Advisors were not returned before press time.

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Meanwhile word came out yesterday that the Astros and Blue Jays have almost finalized their move to share Spring Training facilities on Florida's East Coast, near Crane's home, in Palm Beach Gardens.


Blinutne said...

I'll say it again: I don't get why the AAA team has to be in the Houston suburbs. Doesn't it make more sense to be in a place like Austin or New Orleans, even Oklahoma City?

Also, I will be incredibly upset if Jim Crane buys the Zephyrs and moves them to this site or anywhere else.

Not that it matters what I think.

Tim Plant said...

I would love it if the Astros moved a team to the Conroe area. It would be basically in my own backyard. The concept has supposedly worked for other teams. I cannot speak for everyone else but as for be able to watch my local pro teams talent up close and personal would be awesome. It would connect the fans to the teams future talent before it arrives and draws a personal connections to the fans. Not to mention, it would be cut down on some travel costs for the Astros execs and players. Plus, players could get called up to an hour or two before games if needed. The Conroe, Woodlands area would support the heck out of the team. The area is a baseball factory. Plus a ton of money and sponsorship possibilities blanket the area. I can appreciate fans of the Zephyrs not wanting to lose their team. It would stink if it happened to me. If it ends up happening though I would be happy for me. Hopefully Zephyrs fans would get a new team. Go Astros!