Monday, September 16, 2013

The Astros and Oklahoma City

There were two pieces in The Oklahoman yesterday regarding the future of the Astros in Oklahoma City.

The first questions whether the Astros will actually follow through with the Camp Strake/Woodlands/Conroe idea:
In an interview with SB Nation, Ryan said his father doesn't like having the Rangers' Double-A affiliate in Frisco...because Nolan feels it directly competes with the Rangers.

The piece goes on to say that "one rumor" is that Reid Ryan would prefer to re-take over Round Rock, with the Rangers ("if all parties agree") moving back to Oklahoma City.

This is odd, since it has absolutely nothing to do with Double-A or Frisco, and the Rangers would be leaving Central Texas in order to go back to Oklahoma. And Reid Ryan would have to talk Jim Crane out of something he's been thinking about since at least March.

The second reassures OKC baseball fans that the RedHawks will always be there, since the Astros don't own the RedHawks, Bricktown is a pretty great ballpark, and the Pacific Coast League owns territorial rights in Oklahoma City:
One key reason OKC is all but assured of being home to a Triple-A team is PCL officials own territorial rights. Insiders say Oklahoma City is one of the league's cherished commodities. No way PCL brass would approve a scenario where Oklahoma City isn't in the 16-team league.

So Oklahome City baseball fans will always have Triple-A just apparently depends on Reid Ryan if they're going to stick with the Astros.