Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Astros 30th in payroll

Last year everybody had a good time piling on the Astros for their (lack of) payroll but luckily everyone has moved past it and just focuses on how awesome the Astros are. Deadspin posted a link to an Associated Press story summing up all 30 teams' payroll, with an option to see every single player's salary for 2014.

Of course, the Astros are 30th in payroll, but have narrowed the gap between them and 29th place. With a projected payroll of $44,544,174, the Astros are about $3m shy of the Marlins, but around $33m short of the 28th place Rays, and $191m short - that's right - of the Dodgers. In fact, the Dodgers $235m-ish payroll is just under what the Pirates, Rays, Marlins, and Astros will spend on payroll combined.