Thursday, December 12, 2013

Winter Meetings Day 4

Your Winter Meetings Day 4 running post!

12:32pm: Rosenthal says the Tigers are signing Joba Chamberlain

12:20pm: The Rangers will offer Choo five years. Boras wants seven years.

12:11pm: The Tigers are in talks with Joba Chamberlain

11:39am: Evan Drellich says that landing Tanaka and/or Choo is not impossible, just not likely.

11:37am: Luhnow tells Evan Drellich that they're not making offers just to make offers.

11:36am: One GM says he thinks Houston is the likely landing spot for Shin-Soo Choo

9:56am: Morse deal is for $6m guaranteed + incentives

9:54am: Jon Heyman says Milwaukee and New York are meeting about Ike Davis and lists Houston among teams still looking for a 1B.

9:49am: Evan Drellich says injuries slowed Ravel Santana down, but "he's a five-tool guy"

9:15am: Morse's contract with San Francisco is for a base salary of $5m with incentives.

9:10am: Meanwhile, in court, the Rockets are taking over from the Astros as lead negotiators in the CSN Houston fiasco. Follow David Barron on Twitter for updates.

9:02am: Rick Ankiel is working out, but hasn't told Boras if he wants to play again. But he Will. Not. Pitch.

8:53am: The Astros made a strong push for Mike Morse, but ultimately Morse wanted to sign with San Francisco.

8:52am: The Astros did indeed send Patrick Schuster to the Padres to cpmplete the Anthony Bass trade.

8:45am: Michael Morse is nearing a deal with the Giants

8:44am: The Astros have "several offers" out to free agents.

8:43am: The Astros finalized the Anthony Bass trade by sending the first Rule 5 pick, Patrick Schuster to the Padres in exchange for cash.

8:39am: Rockies join the Astros in J.P. Howell interest

8:39am: The Cubs trade Brian Bogusevic to Miami for Justin Ruggiano.

8:31am: The Astros select knuckleballer Blaine Sims from Atlanta, who spent 2013 with the Braves' GCL, Low-A, and High-A teams, compiling an 8.44 ERA/2.04 WHIP with 56K:44BB.

8:26am: The Astros selected LHP Carlos Vazquez, from the Mets' Double-A roster.

8:25am: The Rays selected Enderson Franco off the Corpus roster. Franco had a 5.05 ERA/1.47 WHIP for Greeneville last season.

8:24am: Read our post on Ravel Santana.

8:19am: With the first pick in the Triple-A phase of the Rule 5 draft, the Astros selected OF Ravel Santana from the Yankees. Santana will not have to be on the 25-Man roster - in minor-league phases, you just pay the draft fee and he's yours. 

8:17am: Read our post on Patrick Schuster.

8:11am: The Astros didn't lose anybody in the Major League portion.

8:08am: The Astros passed with their first pick in the 2nd Round.

8:07am: Wait. The Padres just passed in the Rule 5 draft. So maybe Schuster isn't going to San Diego? So much confusion wow. As TCB reminded us, the Bass deal was for a PTBNL or cash. Maybe the Astros keep Schuster and just send fat stacks of nickels over to San Diego.

8:05am: Hooray! The White Sox didn't take Carlos Perez!

8:04am: The Astros select LHP Patrick Schuster from Arizona, and will send him to San Diego.

8:00am: Carlos Perez is an often-talked-about name to get selected in the Rule 5 draft.

The Anthony Bass trade with San Diego yesterday is a trade for the Padres to move up in this morning's Rule 5 draft. The Astros will pick first and send that player to the Padres.


Anonymous said...

Terrific coverage by Astros County. I am amazed by your work.
Like the Astros last trade because they get a young pitcher that they can send to the minors for work and don't tie up a roster spot and gave up just a Rule 5 top slot that they apparently did not want but used it to get a player with freedom. Luhnow rocked on this one. 1oldpro

Terence said...

To this point, any deal that the Astros have completed was a total surprise to us when it was announced. Therefore, any time I hear a rumor involving the Astros and a specific player I refuse to believe that we are actually going to acquire said player.

Anonymous said...

The fact that this latest Choo to Astros rumor was reported by Bob Nightengale makes it seem even more unlikely to me. He isn't a credible source at all.

Anonymous said...

Your coverage of the meetings this way is very much appreciated. Thanks.