Monday, November 19, 2012

Astros not the only team kicking Berkman's tires

I'm already tired of this. Mark Berman talked to Lance Berkman (no relation) who said that a number of teams were checking in on Berkman. Among the teams not named "Astros:" Rays, Red Sox, and Phillies.

If Berkman is interested in staying close to home, then the Astros are obviously in the lead. If he's interested in winning, then obviously any of the other three teams are going to be better bets for Berkman (how's that for alliteration). If it turns into a bidding war, I'd expect the Astros to be out, but who the hell knows?

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EcamirG said...

What I find particularly annoying about all of this is that the Astros AREN'T kicking any tires. Lance had lunch with Jim Crane. He talked to Bo Porter. No one from Luhnow's staff has had any interaction with Mr. Berkman. No one.