Monday, November 19, 2012

Why the Outrage?

So, as noted in this morning's link dump, Jim Deshaies interviewed with the Cubs this weekend. News of that interview immediately created anger and outrage throughout Astros fandom. A lot of this outrage came before any facts were known, which is so unlike the internet. But even after Dave Barron provided more details, the outrage only abated somewhat. So, I honestly want to know: Why are we so angry at the Astros for something they don't want to happen, and which has not happened yet?

I get from that article that the Astros want JD back, and he wanted to come back as well. Now, several people have argued that they should have locked him up sooner, and maybe that's the case, but was anybody really expecting the Cubs, or any other team for that matter, to come calling? It seems like this was rather out of the blue for everyone. According to the article, JD's contract expires in February. From the sound of it, both sides fully expected to extend the contract well before then. However, when the Cubs called, he decided, in his own words "Well, that's worth talking about."  

And can you blame him? I mean, I watch Astros games. You likely watch Astros games. But the product they put on the field last year resulted in the lowest ratings in the majors. Dare we forget the mid September .05 rating the Astros pulled in?  The Cubs bring a bigger market, more eyeballs, and more national exposure. We all know that Deshaies is talented enough for bigger and better things. If he decides that he wants to move on, are we going to begrudge him that?

That's not to say he will move on. I sincerely hope that he stays on. The Cubs would be foolish not to offer him the job, but if they do, I hope the Astros give him what he needs to stay. He makes some miserable play on the field enjoyable. However, if he does leave, I will still be an Astros fan. I will still watch whoever they get to replace him. Losing someone who makes miserable baseball enjoyable will sting less when the the baseball is no longer miserable to watch. On that front, I continue to believe the Astros are on the right path.


Greg Thurston said...

Yes, people were quick to express their opinions on the subject of possibly losing Deshaies. Some even threatened to disown the team if it happened. Overreaction? ...maybe. But some fans are fed up.

You and I are the type of fans that will stay with the Astros no matter what happens. It's in our blood. Not everyone is like that, though.

The past couple of years have been hard on even some of the most loyal Astros fans. What with all of the losing, the trading away of their favorite players, the move to the American League, the uncertainty of whether or not we will be able to see the games on TV, etc... The thought of losing JD is the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back for some fans.

Granted, JD hasn't gone anywhere yet. But I can understand the outrage. Crane & Postolos pretend that our opinion matters, when in reality it does not. I see nothing wrong with fans demanding their respect.

Anonymous said...


Maybe, they can get a prospect color guy for JD. One with some impresive stats. It will save them some cash, and most likely, he will be seasoned by the time the Astros are ready to compete again.

(Not Hank) Aaron said...

I understand the frustration over some of the decisions by this ownership group, but I don't see what they have at all done wrong here. They have given no indication they don't value Deshaies or our opinion of him. In fact just the opposite. I have no problem with expressing to the Astros how much we want them to keep JD, but I think the anger is misplaced.

conroestro said...

I agree with you Not Hank. To me this seems like unfortunate timing given other personnel turnover, but I don't see where this situation is similar at all. JD basically came out and said that he has any disconnect with the Astros front office.

Reuben said...

"I don't see what they have at all done wrong here. They have given no indication they don't value Deshaies or our opinion of him. In fact just the opposite."

I strongly disagree, Aaron. From what I've seen, Deshaies' Astros contract is up in February. Why haven't they already locked him into an extension? Everything about their attitude towards this screams "blase." Which is a huge mistake, and indicates that they clearly don't care that JD is a huge fan-favorite, and clearly one of the very best broadcasters in baseball.

If he leaves, I am sure they'll spin it as "oh, we made him a competitive offer, but you can understand he wanted the national exposure of WGN". I seriously doubt it will be about that. Pay a guy like you want him and he will work for you. If they pay JD commensurate with the best-paid analysts in MLB, why would he leave the city that he has called home for so long? And unless I'm drastically underestimating what the top analysts make, they can afford it.

(Not Hank) Aaron said...

It sounds like they discussed renewing his contract immediately after the season. The only reason to do it early would be if thy feared losing him. Maybe they should have, but I've seen no indication that was the case.