Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Harrell suspects six-man rotation for issues

Lucas Harrell had a rough night last night, and has a suspicion that the September move to the six-man rotation is partially to blame:

"It's a little too much time. I'm a touch and feel guy. I need to be out there a lot more."

When pitching every fifth day, Harrell has made 15 starts, throwing 95.1IP and allowing 85H/38ER, 71K:36BB, for a 3.59 ERA / 1.27 WHIP. 

In 13 starts when pitching every sixth day, he has thrown 75.1IP, 82H/36ER, 51K:34BB, for a 4.30 ERA / 1.54 WHIP. 

Of course, this is but a cursory look. However, Harrell has walked 4+ batters in three of his four starts since the transition to the extra starter. He could just be getting tired. In 2011, between the minors and majors, Harrell threw 144IP - he's now thrown 44.1IP more than he did in 2012. 

Problem for me is that if it's in Harrell's mind that there's a problem, it's going to manifest itself in some form  on the mound. 


Juvenile Court Clerk - Bryan Trostel said...

There have been a few things lately that have me a bit concerned about Harrell's head. I'm hoping it's just the results of a long, difficult season but it seems that he's had some sort of outburst or complaint after nearly every start for the past month or so.

Terence said...

Honestly, I'd be alot more worried about the "head" of any of these players that aren't frustrated after this season.

Anonymous said...

Harrell is full of excuses: who is catching him and now the six-man rotation. His mind appears to be fragile, and that always shows up in long-term performance.