Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Martinez, Porter, Bogar are your finalists

According to Jim Crane, the Astros are hoping to finalize the manager search by the end of this week, with an announcement being delayed by potential playoff appearances. 

This sounds an awful lot like something we mentioned yesterday, but according to the article, "Among the candidates who have interviewed and are still in the hunt" include Dave Martinez, Bo Porter, and Tim Bogar. 

"It will really depend on the selection we make, how quickly we announce that based upon where the teams are and the candidates we're talking to. If they're in the playoffs, we might have to wait until the playoffs are over."

So, if those three are your finalists, if an announcement does not come by the beginning of next week, it likely won't be Tim Bogar as the Red Sox will not be in the playoffs. Tampa Bay is three games back of the 2nd Wild Card spot with eight to play. Of course, if the selection is Bo Porter, we won't hear for a while, since the Nationals have already clinched the NL East. 

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